Our Services


African Pride Taxidermy is a full-service South African taxidermy studio that is dedicated to providing the best taxidermy service to our clients – anywhere in the world. We deal in all aspects of the taxidermy industry, from Mounting / Tanning / Dip & Pack / Importing / Exporting / Documentation and collection of trophies all over South Africa!

We guarantee a streamline services, our friendly staff together with excellent correspondence from our offices has a proven track record, you will receive regular updates throughout the process of your order.

  • African Pride Taxidermy offers a collection service for the collection of trophies from various individual outfitters from all around South Africa. Please do not hesitate to book for a collection service, it is free.

    We also import trophies from all over Africa. Our highly skilled team of administration staff are experts on all import/export requirements and legislation. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the process with you before you go on safari so we can give you indications of costs, timing and inform you on processes and procedures to ensure smooth shipping, importing and re-exporting.

  • African Pride Taxidermy applies for all export permits.

  • Dip & Pack: 2 months

    Skull Mounts: 3 months

    Non- custom taxidermy mounts: 6 months

    Custom mounts and full action mounts: 8 months

  • Crates are custom-built for each client on the premises and does not need to subcontract packing companies, with every effort being made to minimize space and shipping costs. To save on the volume of your crate, most of the larger species’ horns will be made detachable, with the horns detached, you will save up to 40% on shipping costs. Our crates are made from very high-quality wood and complies with the International Standards for regulating wood packaging material. All trophies are firmly wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that your trophies are packed securely to keep them intact and safe during the journey to their respective destinations.

  • All hides are hand shaved to prevent machine damage and we only use the latest modified tanning technology and chemicals. All capes / skins are tanned in-house.

  • Your trophies are stored in our safe, immaculate warehouses with stringent security measures in place conforming to all veterinary procedures. Pest control is in place and monitored. To be extra safe all is insured.

  • Exclusive extra services that African Pride Taxidermy offers is that you can requests photos of each step of the taxidermy prosses, see how your trophy comes alive again. This is a very popular peace in your African safari album.

Hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet you during your stay in South Africa. When visiting our premises, you can assure yourself of the quality of our work. During your visit we can discuss your instructions for your trophies and all other relevant information regarding your trophies.

If time does not allow for you to visit us, all instructions and enquiries you might have can be finalized via e-mail.