About Us

African Pride Taxidermy is one of the top Taxidermies in South Africa while being an international competition of note, situated on a farm named Buffelsfontein, we are in the center of the hunting capital of the Eastern Cape. Our consistent proof of product quality and service has generated a huge amount of trust by hunting outfitters and clients in the area and we now also receive trophies from outfitters all around South Africa.

We are proud to be a fully state veterinarian-approved and registered quarantine facility, complying with the strictest standards set by our authorities. From taxidermy services on your trophies to packing, crating, arranging documentation and shipping your prized trophies to any destination worldwide, we guarantee complete peace of mind.

African Pride Taxidermy was established in 2005, we know what it takes to create trophies that will be admired by all. We are committed to providing true service quality to our customers and strives every day to deliver reliable, lasting and professional workmanship. We keep our clients happy in the office with regular updates, suggestions and advice and our willingness to listen and our attention to detail enable us to foster close ties with our customers, you come as a client… and you leave as a friend.

African Pride Taxidermy is not a factory with a production line but a craft studio with skilled workers that make sure enough time is spent on a trophy until our expectations are met.

We empower our local African artists and craftsmen with innovative ideas combined with the latest techniques and a broad knowledge of African wildlife behavior in their different habitats. They are masters of their craft and taking pride in their work they create museum quality mounts. We are proud to offer you some of the best life-like recreations available, anywhere in the world!

We guarantee a product as close to the original animal as humanly possible, not just in anatomy, but in posture and expression as well. Great attention is given to fine detail, such as facial expression, eyes and ear settings, ensuring great accuracy. Every single mount gets personally attended to by owner-taxidermist, Tiaan Troskie, who oversees each and every part of the process. Each trophy is handled with great care and thoroughly checked before leaving our premises.

African Pride Taxidermy do not use commercial forms available in supply stores, every mannikin is sculptured in-house to your specific instructions and we ensure that all skins fit properly before the mounting process. Like humans, animals vary in size and shape, our trophies are sculpted according to the size of the skin. All capes / skins are tanned in-house with the latest tanning chemicals and processes. All hides are hand shaved to prevent machine damage, it is all this hand crafted attention to detail that differentiates our art.

African Pride Taxidermy are able to produce trophies at hard-to-beat rates without any compromise on quality. We use the best materials we can buy and do not compromise our quality with cheap products. The memories of your hunting experiences will remain forever in your legacy if it is complimented by quality taxidermy at a reasonable price.

Our storage space ensures that your trophies are hygienically stored and pest control is in place and monitored until they are ready for collection or for crating and shipping. 

We have a proud export record to many destinations all over the world. We use the services of highly reputable freight agents who specialize in the movement of game trophies internationally, to ensure your consignment arrives at your destination of choice, safe and without any damages.

I am a hunter, naturalist and conservationist.

I am in the fortunate position to combine my passion for hunting together with my talents for taxidermy, to contribute to conservation of our beautiful wildlife for generations to come.

Being a hunter myself, I truly understand the magnitude of the value and appreciation one has for a trophy on the wall, not only the financial investment but the result of hard work of a dedicated group of people, from the Outfitters, PH’s, Trackers, Skinners, Taxidermists and Freight agents, to ensure that the trophies reached their final destination on our walls.

My goal was always to own one of South Africa’s most prestige taxidermy studios. My motto is to have a studio and not a factory!

I studied game ranch management at Nelson Mandela University and received invaluable training in the finer points of the art of taxidermy by one the world best taxidermist.

The result of our work is a true reflection of the love, passion and pride that we have for our African game. Each and every trophy is thoroughly checked by myself before leaving our premises. We guarantee a product as close to the original animal as humanly possible, not just in anatomy, but in posture and expression as well.

I’m proud to offer you some of the best taxidermy services available – anywhere in the world!

I thank you for your business and entrusting us with your valuable trophies.

Master Taxidermist and owner

Tiaan Troskie